We offer the following business solutions.


Controlling an organisation’s IT environment is an essential component of operational success.

Proactive IT infrastructure management is critical to business operations and the overall success of a company. You need the assurance that your company data is available when you need it and secure from loss or theft.

Expert’s comprehensive Managed IT includes: data backup and recovery, Cyber security, desktop and server management (including anti-virus), software license management, and network infrastructure implementation and management. Expert’s service level agreements move you from reactive to proactive management of your IT assets.


Advanced digital communications can take you around the corner or around the world.

The world is moving away from traditional analog systems in many areas, and telephony is no exception. Advances in Internet technology provides business opportunities in new geographic areas. As such, the ability to make a call from anywhere in the world at any time is becoming more of a business necessity.

Modern communications over digital lines, supports voice, video, and multimedia at a fraction of the cost of traditional lines.


The COVID pandemic has changed the way we interact and conduct business. Technology can bridge the gaps and keep you connected.

Whether your employees work in the office or from home, you will want to ensure they have the right environment and tools to be able to connect easily and be productive.

Talk to Expert when you need secure connectivity from employee homes to your office network, reliable Internet connectivity, audio visual equipment for effective online meetings, and much more .


How reliable are your surveillance & security solutions?

It is no secret that South Africa boasts extremely high crime rates. According to the South Africa Crime Stats of 2019 there were 71,224 burglaries at non-residential premises.

Is protecting your property, your people and your assets your top priority? Expert has partnered with world-class brands to bring you integrated, comprehensive surveillance & security solutions.

Don’t become a statistic! Let Expert consultants help you manage your security risk.


When load shedding and power failures are a way of life.

The current demand for electricity far exceeds supply. Public and private spheres are recognising the need for alternative power solutions to address electricity scarcity and rising energy costs.

Having alternative, or failover, options such as generators, gas, or solar power are no longer considered luxuries – they are the cost of doing business in South Africa.


Security and safety begins with having the right systems in place.

For security and safety, as well as protection of assets, access and ingress to the premises and also areas within the premises, needs to be controlled and entry by unauthorised persons prevented.

Access control is an essential part of the business security systems. In all cases, the access and security systems will be concerned with ensuring that the organisation knows at all times who is on its premises and what their business is. This is not only essential from a security point of view, but is also important for fire and health and safety reasons.