Staff Access Control Solutions

Safety begins with knowing who has entered your premises.


All businesses, organisations and public buildings have a need to exert some form of control over who can gain access to their premises, site or to certain parts of their buildings. Access management control goes hand-in-hand with basic security whereby an organisation must protect its staff, its property and any restricted or secure parts of the premises from unauthorised access. The aims of access management are therefore to:

  • prevent unauthorised access and facilitate authorised access
  • enable access and egress to be monitored and provide an account of who is on site
  • prevent the introduction of prohibited items and the removal of property.

In most business premises, access control is an essential part of the security systems. Staff must be enabled to gain access to the parts of buildings they are authorised to enter. Visitors and contractors, on the other hand, will need to be prevented from gaining unrestrained entry by some form of access control, usually a locked door or barrier through which they cannot pass until given permission, such as a turnstile.

Therefore, our State-of-the-Art biometric solutions for complete access control encompass access management control with basic security.

fingerprint access control solutions
fingerprint access control time & attendance


Time and attendance software reduces errors, saves time and gives employees visibility into their schedules.

Most time and attendance systems are easy to use, as employees clock in and out with fingerprint or facial recognition & RFID Cards. Some systems even allow clocking in and out via a mobile app. Additionally, these systems provide employees with self-service details, like total hours worked, weekly schedules, and time-off accruals and requests.

In addition to providing an easy way for workers to punch in and out, time and attendance systems offer features such as scheduling, PTO management, detailed reports and alerts.

Our State-of-the-Art biometric solutions for complete access control, saves you time and provides ease of access to the system, schedules, and more.

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