Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Feed the Nation You Care For

“Giving is not just about making a donation, its about making a difference.” ~ Kathy Calvin.

We, at Expert Technology, are supporting Feed the Nation You Care For – a grass roots organisation doing really good work in Johannesburg South.

Check out their Facebook page for more insights!

Christmas Lunch on Friday, 15th December

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Lunch will be hosted in the local community hall.

We will be feeding 120 people in this community. Although the menu will be inexpensive and simple to prepare we will still need volunteers to help on the day.

Proposed Menu:

  • Hot dogs for the children
  • Chicken or beef burgers for adults
  • Potato salad
  • Ice cream
  • Cool drinks
  • Extra: (Condiments, Plastic cutlery, Paper plates, Refuse plastic bags, )

Help Needed:

  • Preparing a batch of potato salad ahead of time
  • Grilling burgers on the day
  • Serving
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We have set up a separate bank account in order to be fully transparent with the finances. The donations will first be used for the Christmas Lunch expenses. Any monies left over will be used towards the month-to-month expenses highlighted on the Opportunities to Help page.

The Christmas Lunch budget is currently estimated at R10,000. This will cover the hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream and cool drinks.

Please contact Lizette via the WhatsApp link below, to get the banking details.

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How Can I Help ?

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There are quite a few volunteering options available. Decide which options fits you best and sign up by selecting the call-to-action button in that specific section.

Christmas Lunch: This is the only activity where you will need to show up in person on December 15th. You can help with grilling the food, cutting bread rolls, serving food, entertaining the children, cleaning up.

Month-to-Month Activities: Keep the “Feed the Nation You Care For” organization on your radar by collecting donations in your own communities. Check out the Opportunities to Help page to get a full understanding of these options.

Stationery: Education can change the economic landscape for a family. Help the children with stationery, books, paper, etc.

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